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"A company that strives to set a new bar in innovation"


We offer a range of services, from carpet cleaning and floor care, to commercial deep scrubs and touch-ups. You can always count on us to always be professional, efficient, and better priced than the competition. Our tools and equipment are well taken care, and meet all safety standards, which means a better clean everytime.

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We are very proud of the work we do, and we show it! Raising the bar isn't good enough, so it is our mandate to set a new bar and go above and beyond. Where other companies do the bare minimum, we exceed expectations 100% of the time. Every location we clean is always as sparkling as the day it was built, and our work is consistently amazing.

Our Work

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We believe that good communication is a key element in any relationship, and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our staff is standing by ready to discuss anything that you may want to talk about. Many companies have forgotten about this important element, but we at Rusher emphasize the need to keep in contact.
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We believe actions speak louder than words.